Remote Access - Not available outside your network - Remote Access



I have a iMac and can not get the remote access to work from my computer. I need help setting this up so that i can use the benifits of Plex away from home.


you'll need to focus on your Router.
What model do you use and how have you configured it at the moment.
As for Plex... what's your current configuration in Settings > Server > Remote Access? Did you configure it to manually define the public port or is this currently not checked?


I dont know how to configure the router. I have a Sagemcom Router from Time warner -Spectrum in NYC.


I'm not familiar with their products...
it appears they have a piece of software to help you manage the device:

in order to use Remote Access, you need to be able to configure the router to make the plex server visible/accessible from outside your network. Many routers support an approach which requires no particular configuration (UPnP). Where this doesn't work you are usually able to specifically tell your router that you want a certain device (IP address and port) from within your network to be linked to a port on the outside of your network.
There's a chance your ISP is blocking such an access from their side (for various reasons, ranging from security concerns to just being a pain).

All in all you'll need to provide more details to get some more specific help.