Remote Access with multiple routers (Google Wifi)



I've recently changed my network setup, so it looks as follows:

Internet -> ISP (virgin Media) Router -(hardwired)> Google Wifi ->(hardwired) Plex Server (Seagate Personal Cloud NAS)
Wifi is disabled on the ISP Router.

I used to have the NAS plugged directly into the ISP router, which worked fine for plex (both at home and remote), except I couldn't access the NAS through windows. So I moved the NAS to plug into one of the Google pucks. This solved the windows problem, but now I am unable to access Plex over the internet, only when I'm at home. According to Plex Server settings, it is 'Fully Accessible outside your network', but the Android App on my phone can't connect.

I only have very basic networking knowledge, so apologies if I'm not explaining this well - does anyone know how I could get this configuration working?


wrong forum? you need networking help.


You’re in double NAT. If you can, set your ISP modem to bridged mode and let your google wifi handle NAT.