remote access



Anyone know why remote access might not work. I have set the address manually in the plex gui and tested it from outside my network after setting up port forwarding on my router. The port is showing open but I continue it get this when I test the connection from the plex gui.

Not available outside your network



I’ve ran into this also… so here’s what I had to do with my router… instead of JUST “TCP” protocol allowed, in my firewall rule for PLEX, I had to change the PROTOCOL to “ALL”… this does not sound right to me, but if I just specify TCP and my manual port I cannot get remote access… anyone else know what could be happening?


I have the same problem, but my router has the firewall set to Off, which is even worse. The port is open, when I turn on remote access it goes green for a couple of seconds then turns red… frustrating… Any help appreciated.


I had this problem when my IPS had their modem/router combo box as well as my own router. This time I had them bridge my ISP supplied box to act only as a modem. Port forwarding my own router works now.