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Hello community,

I am using Plex for round about one year now and I am still fascinated about all the possibilities. My server is running on a Synology NAS and I am using the Plex for Samsung App on my HU7590. I am not only playing videos but also my complete music archive. And now the weather becomes better and better I am sitting outside in the sun and I was thinking about remote controlling the music playback from my Samsung TV by the Plex app on my Android tablet / phone. But the Android App can't find the plex app on my TV.

Is there anybody who has experiences with remote controlling the plex fir Samsung app? Or is it not implemented in the Samsung app.

Thanks for any helpful comments.



Companion is integrated into the app - but you have to make sure your app is logged in. The other thing you need to look out for is the little white screen on the bottom left (if its white it should work).


Hi chaosmaker,
Thanks for your answer. But companion is not working with my Plex for Samsung app. The screen on the bottom is white and the Samsung as well as the Android app are linked in to the same account. But in my Android Plex app the Samsung app is not listed when I click on the white screen I'm the Android app. Any idea, do I have to configure something to get it working?


Nobody any idea?


Seems something changed in the Android app. Not sure what, maybe ask around in the Android forum.


Hi Orca,

Thanks for your reply. On the meantime I tried to control the Samsung app by the web app and this works without any problem. So you are right, it seems to be a problem of the Android app.

I will ask the question in the Android forum.


Same issue for samsung tv and android plex app...Was working before and is working with the web interface. Did you find a solution?


The new mobile apps are now expecting that the player is a so called pubsub-player .
That is already inside the app (v 2.008) due to Alexa, but that version was rejected by Samsung for older models.
So it's already fixed, just needs a new release. The problem is that the new server has introduced new features that the app doesn't support yet. I would like to see if I can add support for those, before sending out a new release.


I have the same problem! It works on Plex web although that isn't very convenient when using your phone as a remote. Can't wait for the new release!! This has been causing me headaches for months!!


Any updates on the new release?


disregard, double posted


Any news yet?