Remote server not found, but was online and accessible previously?



I recently purchased a lifetime pass with plex and so far am loving the idea of building multiple servers and getting a Plex cloud server up and running on my Google Drive.

I initially setup my secondary server behind a network that doesn't allow me to open up ports, etc. According to everything I had read, this would have been impossible, but last night I streamed from that specific server without any issues. I never opened up any port, so 32400 was closed to the world basically.

I came in and had to adjust the directory structure of that specific server today and since then I don't have any access to the server.

I guess my question is simply how I was able to access this server remotely without having been able to open up ports.

I do have a second question, and it's mostly about Plex Cloud. I had access for a while and then all of a sudden I have no access.

In reverse, I have access to my home server without any issues, but am running behind my own configuration with port 32400 definitely forwarded.

What are my options? Is port 32400 the basic requirement to have my server accessible from outside the network, and is 32400 the only available option I have to enable it?

As for Plex Cloud; what options do I have to troubleshoot this and how can I correctly access my content without it responding that my plex cloud server isn't communicating?

Thanks! (i will look around the forums more, but opened this one up because it bothers me that it worked before and just randomly stopped)


sorry, I wrongly posted. My setup is fine.