Remove/circumvent deck items




I am a new Plex user and I am looking for a way to disable the "recently aired tv" and "recently viewed episodes" when PMP is in tv full screen.

I find this info completely useless and would like to go straight into "Browse all" instead of passing through the other screen first.

Is this possible somehow?

I have marked all shows as watched but that didn't change anything.

(using PMP on windows NUC)

Thanks for any help!



Not sure if this the correct way, but I removed on deck by going on the server, settings, library (make to show advanced) and set the Weeks to consider for On Deck to 0


I had tried to put weeks to consider for On Deck to 0.

Additionally, I have checked all items as viewed and unchecked "include in dashboard" for every library.

It did not solve my problem.

I am still getting the following items when I am in full screen mode:

Films: "recently released movies"', "recently added movies", "recently viewed movies"

TV Series: "recently aired tv", "recently viewed episodes"

Any other ideas? It seems really unlikely to me that this could not be removed somehow...