Rename Fire TV Stick in Plex



Right now Plex shows my Fire Stick as AFTT in the devices section. This is ok for now since I only have one Fire Stick. I am about to add two additional sticks and would prefer to name them by the room they are used in. Second this rename also helps when using Plex with Amazon Echo, as you have real names for each player.


I do not think this is something Plex has found important enough to implement. But I only have one Fire device so I cannot be sure. But there has been a lot of discussion about renaming Fire devices and I do not remember any resolution.


This problem lies in almost every Plex client app - the inability to name it something different. It's something I wish Plex would add to each client, because when you have several of the same device it's hard to differentiate them.


I have the same problem but with a twist. I have a buddy who also apparently has a fire tv stick and when he accesses my plex server, it shows up properly as "Fire TV Stick", but my fire tv stick shows up as AFTT. So there's got to be something somewhere that manipulates the name. Has anything new on this happened since the previous post?


Two of my family members have used their Android phone apps (One of the Roku remote apps)to rename their own Roku devices (Roku HDMI sticks). They don't remember how they did it but when setting it up initially with their Android phone apps there was apparently an option to name them.

This however can get confusing also when everyone names their devices "Living Room" and MBR, however the account and IP's can easily remedy that.

I realize this doesn't help your situation but maybe a possible option to try.



Sorry guys, WTF?
Settings > General > Devicename

Is it that hard? Just open your eyes!


Flow, why does it only work on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (WTF)? Please enlighten us... LOL

The above is apparently the answer for Fire Sticks, however I found where the setting is for the Roku owners (not Plex Admins). It's on their web site when you logon to