Rename LG TV



setting up plex on both my lg tvs - when linking both devices are named Plex for LG TV - how can i update the name to tell them apart ?


in the Plex app on those TVs you can change the name the settings menu. usually you reach the menu by navigating to the most left item and click left once more. on my Sony, the name is in the first line of settings.


yeah i can change the name of the TV in the tv settings (they have different model descriptions) but when added to plex dashboard they are still both displayed as “plex for LG TV”


that’s not the TV’s name but the client (as in “playback by a Plex for LG TV”).


thanks for the clarification - anyway to change client name ??


I don’t know of a way to Change the Client description. I would suggest that is in TV Client software. What you can do is check in Devices in PMS settings, it’s updates every time you login to your TV client


Client names are set on within the client (see the 1st response…).
goto Plex on your LG TV and check if there’s something in the app settings/options – I’ve been googling for some time bug couldn’t find a video/screenshot about it to share.


The LG TV Plex Client has no facility to name or rename each LG client on a given Network. That would have to be Client developers that added such identifiers other than what I have shown above. Your Router would have identifiers in IP addresses and Mac addresses but not at Plex media server. Devices menu, only show Client for LG ,Version, time since last login. There are apps that will identify all on the LAN network with addresses and you can tag those names of devices/client description.
If your trying to have multiple User or Parental controls with different Plex client devices then “Pass Subscription” is required. Then a User would have to login with a code rather than Auto Login.