Rename of Devices Attached to Alexa



This is Alexa related but really goes to the heart of a major flaw in the Plex system, and that is the inability to rename devices like an Amazon Fire TV Stick in Plex. I have multiple Fire TV Sticks all around my home, as well as Echo devices. This allows me, in theory, to use Alexa voice control in what I play on my Fire TV Stick. The problem is the Echo cannot determine which Fire TV Stick to control, bc all the Sticks are named the same.

Come on folks this cannot be that difficult to fix. If you really want to embrace Alexa voice control then you need to get this done asap!


I Second that!
It makes it kinda useless having to say "Echo ask Plex to play blah on TV UN65KS8000"
instead of "Echo ask Plex to play blah on Livingroom"

But as long as your player is set you don't have to...


I Third that, I have a couple htpc that show up with the same name


Agreed. It’s terrible you can’t rename the devices. We definitely need this!


Yep - agreed here also. Mine is currently called webOS 3.10.23-p.13.biscayne.lm14a.6. It sounds like Alexa is having a meltdown when she starts trying to say it.


So something has changed…

I migrated from a local PMS to Plex Cloud and now I can see both my Fire TV devices by their listed names. Now Echo knows how to differentiate between two devices. Here is a screen shot of my devices: