Repeat video playback



I would like to use chromecast for a kiosk essentially and loop a playlist.

When casting from the web there are no repeat controls. When I look on the iOS app repeat is greyed out and I can't select.



I want to do the exactly same thing. Please Plex, can you just add a repeat button in the playlist? Many people want this function. It would be super handy for our shops.

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Plex for Samsung needs a repeat video or loop option!!!


Agreed. I want to play one video file over and over again in a never ending loop using PLEX on a PS4. Absence of a video loop feature is a deal breaker unfortunately.


Hello Plex Team,

i am still waiting for the Repeat Button for a video playlist. It would be even better, if that repeat function could be a property of the playlist. So some playlists would repeat, others would’nt. Every simple mp3 Player has a repeat function.


I needs a repeat video or loop option too


are you guys ever going to reply? how hard can it be to add a simple loop function


Add me to the list of requesting a video loop.

If PLEX wants to be taken serious and have more enterprise use, this would be included. Every USB reader in TVs have a simple repeat function. But Samsung TVs lack a simple loop function? Baffling.


You can create ios video playlist loops using VLC (this can be setup for http mp4 files) or Playlist loops on chromecast from local video files using html. There are YT videos VLC IOS Playlist Hack and DIY Chromecast Video Playlists.


We have been asking for years. It isnt going to happen as Plex is all about simplicity. I just downloaded Kodi and am sadly switching because of this :confused:


Add me to the list of people requesting the loop feature be added to the menu properties.

– L. James

L. D. James


Hi has this feature been added yet?


Yes please, “other videos” and playlists need a loop button. We use PLEX to stream ambient videos to old tablets around the house and we have to keep manually restarting the videos or connect via plex app and force the repeat that way. Please add a native to the mobile app loop button to playlists and “other videos”


I don’t understand why there is not a repeat button! There are many people asking for it!


Plex for Samsung needs a repeat video or loop option! +1


There must be a reason that Plex does not add a loop function because you know that would be an easy thing to add. I doubt that Plex reads these posts since there has been no answer from them about it. I will be hunting for another solution. MaybeI will try Kodi.


All the videos I cast to my smart TV seem to automatically repeat, endlessly. I came here looking for a way to stop them from doing this. Seems looping can be done, but it can’t be turned on or off for videos by users?


You can control the repeat mode from the web desktop client.

Support for repeat-one and repeat-all while casting to Chromecast is still in the works for other Plex clients.