Reporting Apple TV issues



If you're experiencing an issue with the Plex app for Apple TV, please first search the forum to see if it's already been reported. If it has, please post in that thread, adding your own details. (Adding "me too!" type posts without also providing your own specific details typically doesn't help anything.)

In cases where the particular issue doesn't appear to have been reported, please create a new topic in this forum and include:

  • tvOS software version
  • Plex app version
  • Brief description of the issue or bug
  • Steps to reproduce (these will make it easier for development to track down)
  • When the issue has to do with information from your Plex Media Server (such as streaming content, accessing item details, creating playlists, etc.), you should gather the "Plex Media Server.log" file covering the issue being reproduced and - attach that to your post.

In some cases you may be asked to provide logs from the app, if so, the following support article has some helpful information on grabbing these from your device: Apple TV Logs