Reporting issues / sharing screen info in posts - All those special characters and XML



When reporting problems / asking for assistance, please minimally provide:

1. Linux distribution & version
2. PMS version
3. Provide Log files (Settings - Server - Help - Download Logs) if available, a tar.gz of the Logs directory, or copy/paste of the error texts/condition.

To perform copy/paste optimally:

Copy/paste of command line text or XML

A. Surround the single line command with the grave character.
results in This is how it looks when you've typing it

B. Surround a block of text with triple grave


This is

C. After you copy/paste the text, use ‘Code’ paragraph formatting and mark the entire selected block of text . You will see it indent OR use multi-line blocking

D. Use something like Gnone-Screenshot (used here to make these graphics) for little graphic-inclusive items. Use the ‘picture attach’ feature above or drag & drop the image. Allow it ample time to upload and resolve to a ‘link’ in the thread (you’ll see it when done)