[REQ] Deezer


Please could I add a request for a plugin for the music streaming site http://deezer.com ?

Now last.fm is subscription only outside UK US and Germany, I'm looking for alternatives! :)


I'll second that, would be great to get a Deezer channel!


I'll third that! I use Deezer exclusively for listening to music. Having it as a Plex Channel will glue me to the Plex ecosystem even more.


Yes for me.


I've already expressed my interest in this in another thread, but it doesn't hurt to speak up here as well :-)

Come on guys, make it a Plex Pass feature and I'll guarantee that I'll sign up.


Adding one more (+) to the topic - Deezer is THE music radio...


+1 i also support this request


Oh yes please! Love me some Deezer


I wish to have it too!


Chiming in for this.




Maybe be a good idea, but Deezer has a great web app and ios app. 


Please can we have this? - This thread is so old - but the need still exists


I would also love this feature


Desperate for this!


This feature would be awesome.




+1 here, i can still use my onkyo A/R but the UI is very poor. Plex will do it better for sure.


I’ll work on it. Don’t expect it any time soon though haha!


+1 could be so good to have it!