[REQ] Zattoo IPTV channel: port from Kodi source code possible?


There's a nice Kodi plugin called Tattoo Box which allows live streaming of all the available IPTV channels from Zattoo right inside Kodi. The source code is available over at GitHub.


Any chance of porting this over to Plex as a channel?


I'll try to integrate it into multiplex.
Best, Jay.


any news on that?


I am interested in this as well, any news?


I am very interested in this feature as well, how's progress?


i also would really appreciate a way to use zattoo live tv with plex live tv


any news on this? would be great to have zattoo within plex!


is it possible to use Zattoo with plex, like thi HiQ Zattoo app in Kodi??