Roku App, HDHomerun Extend, Encoding and Direct Play



I am setting up a new Plex server primarily for the Live TV and DVR functions. I have seen many posts about long load times for Roku. The best answer I have seen is encode for Direct Play.

Below is a pic of the file created by my HDHR Extend. This file took a full 10 seconds to load on my Roku. Does this information tell me why Plex may be transcoding the file?

Does anyone here know if the Extend’s transcode profile can be configured to output a file that can direct play on the Roku app or is this a question I should be asking HDHR?

Another question- This file shows resolution at 1080P, but when this shows the same file as 1080i


@SJMaye -
There is no way to have HDHR Extend tuner output 100% direct play compatible streams for Roku. The Extend does help with the internal video stream though (h264 instead of mpeg2).
Most OTA video container is MPEGTS (.ts) - Roku doesn’t know that container. Plex will always transcode it for Roku.
The bitrate may require direct stream conversion if your Roku is set to it’s default 8mbps for local I think.
The audio will almost always be ac3 5.1 - if your Roku isn’t connected to a surround system, it will be converted to stereo.

As for 1080p vs 1080i, that may be a plex issue.
I know many tv stations unfortunately still use interlaced instead of progressive. It’s unfortunate, as 720p actually contains better picture than 1080i.