Roku Client is crashing



So I just added a lot of media, I have been converting my home dvd, blue ray collection into digital formats. Since then I have been having the most problems with plex for roku, but have been having problems also with plex for samsung. When I start a tv show it will play the opening credits and maybe 1 more minute and then the whole app resets without an error (on plex). oN sAMsung, it does the same thing, but after reseting it will not connect to server again. I am currently running 19.2.4285-9f65b88ae on my readynas server.


I found my roku client logs


I am experiencing the same issue except I am running a windows 10 plex media server. my rokus are older however they have never had an issue until the last few weeks. I am running the same version currently and I am in the process of updating to Version hopefully that fixes our issues.


@lemme.carl please let me know! This has been killing me.


We are running into a memory limitation issue on Roku 2XS/2XD and other seconds generation models. We released an update to our Plex Pass channel this morning to help alleviate some of those issues. It’s possible a crash may still occur due to memory limitations. We are working with Roku on the final resolution, that may require changes on their end.


Thanks Junkie for the update!