Roku Crashes on Live TV



I running the newest Plex Server version and using 3 Roku Express(wireless) and 1 Roku 3 expressed wired. I am using the Homerun Prime with a cable card as my tuner. When using Live TV on any of the Roku devices they crash the roku and it restarts between 1 1/2 to 2 Hrs. of viewing. All movies play fine even 1080P at a very high bitrate. I have tried different settings with no luck. I am using the Homerun Prime with a cable card as my tuner. Any ideas why all the roku crash. Will try any recommended settings to fix.



I’ve been having this problem as well. Roku Steaming Stick (3600R)
PMS Version:

It’s been getting more and more frequent over the past two weeks. It’s not crashing every twenty minutes or so. I don’t know if it’s related, but it crashes pretty reliably on the hour - e.g. 9PM then again at 10PM, sometimes crashing in between too now.

At this point live TV isn’t usable for me.


It must be the Roku’s or the Plex’s software for the Rokus. It happens on all 3 of my Rokus all the time after 1 -2 hours. 2 Expresses and 1 Roku 3. I just bought 2 Firesticks and do not have this issue. It seems to be because of transcoding or the buffer set aside for the DVR portion while playing Live TV. I have tried to get the Rokus to play longer but no luck. The firesticks can play all day. The use Direct play as oppose to the Rokus transcoding Live TV. Not being able to play the Rokus longer made me replace them with Firesticks. Still Have 2 Rokus in use hoping they can fix it so I don’t have to replace them also. Please Plex people take a look at this issue.


I’ve had this same problem and I have also noticed that when the crashes (which cause the Roku to reboot) occur, they seem to happen approximately on the hour (potentially when transitioning from one show to another, but I haven’t paid the close attention).


Are there any better ways to get logs from the Roku? I’m not seeing anything interesting in the server logs - it looks like the server keeps transcoding like usual.

The http://roku IP:8324/logs method isn’t very useful since I can’t time downloading the logs to the exact time before it crashes.


So I submitted logs via the remote logging option.

Logging was started around 9:46PM Eastern, and the crash occurred at 10PM. Hopefully someone from Plex can take a look.


New update still hasn’t fixed the issue with the Roku crashing after 1 -2 hours of playing Live TV. Can someone please address this issue.


I also have the same issue. It seems to happen every 1-2 hours but I haven’t noticed a pattern as far as time. It happens on my wired Roku 3 as well as my wireless Roku stick. Really hope this gets fixed soon as I can’t afford to replace the Roku as of now.


Hi everyone, sorry for the troubles. We have been trying to reproduce the issue.

For the Roku’s that reproduce the crash, could you private message me the following details:

  • The model and serial number of the Roku that crashed. You can get this via System -> About. The model and serial number will be listed. This will help us get crash logs.
  • If it happens with a specific channel and time. Let me know the channel and time along with the country, postal code, and if cable or antenna.


Roku Express 3900x Ser #: YG00EU552241
Roku Express 3900x Ser # YG0054876778 Also another Roku Express and a Roku 3 that have been replaced with Firesticks. All units basically freeze or crash the Roku anywhere from 1 1/2 hrs to around 2- 2 1/2 hours of playing Live TV on the same channel. Do not have any issues playing for 8 hours or more on Firesticks. Please keep me posted because other members of my family use Rokus and have the same issues. I have tried many different settings with no change at all. Leave the Roku play for as long as 2 1/2 hours and it will definently freeze or reboot the Roku device.


Thanks @EProie. It doesn’t seem like the reboot/crash is specific to a channel or time of day?


Does not. It’s almost 2 hours every time on Live TV. I have tested at least 20 -25 times on different Rokus with all being between 1 1/2 to 2 hours when the freezing or reboot happens.


I have the problem with a Roku Premiere+. For me, when it happens, it seems to happen approximately 7 or 8 EST, which also seems to correlate with happening a minute or two into the start of another program, if I remember correctly. It’s almost predictable when it’s going to happen.

I’ll try to PM jzolezzi my serial number, etc. a bit later.


All I have to do is play Live TV for 1 - 2 1/2 hours to make it happen every time.


Hi everyone, we have made updates to our Plex pass preview channel that should fix the live TV crash and reboot issues. You can add the channel here. If you already have it added, force a system update via System -> System update.


Just updated, thanks!


Seems to working correctly. Will keep testing. Working at 720p remotely. Will test at 1020 when I get back home.


Do we know when this will get pushed out the mainstream channel of Plex for Roku?


While watching Live TV for about 1 - 2 hours got message Not Enough Memory to Transcode. Close Player? yes/no. This seems to happen since the last Plex Server Update. Why now?? Seem to be ok before update. Never had this message before.