Roku Gets Love (Rewrite-a-Licious Update)



Earlier this week we saw the first update to the Plex for Roku app since May. Really? Yes it’s been a while, and that update was centered around Plex News and some bug fixes. No doubt you’re asking what’s taken so long and where’s feature parity with regard to DVR and Live TV. Well, there’s a story to tell here, which takes us back to March when Roku published this blog post letting us know they would be sunsetting their (now) legacy Roku SDK visual screen components. More details about Roku’s new framework is in that blog post.

In other words, devs gotta rewrite!

Roku’s new user interface API is called Roku ScreenGraph (RSG) and our roku team has been working on rewriting the app using this new framework and including Roku’s RSG video player. Plex News in Roku already leverages RSG and the rest of the app and features will follow. Many users have asked why DVR & Live TV hasn’t hit Roku yet, and this code transition is the reason why these features haven’t already come to Roku. We’re expecting to see Live TV added to Roku next, then DVR functionality will come soon after with the rewrite.


The update has landed with the initial release of Live TV!