Roku Media Player (RMP) Not Showing Any Files From Plex Media Server (PMS)



I've added all my media in the web browser (PMS) and it shows up correctly and plays. When I go to my Roku Ultra, I can see PMS through RMP but I only see three folders: Movies, Music, Photos. They all say I don't have any compatible files and they're all empty. UMS through RMP shows all my files correctly, it just can't play them.

I feel like this part should just work which is why I haven't been able to find a solution (to a problem that shouldn't exist).

Bit of context. I'm new to Roku and Plex. I was happily streaming to a PS3 using Universal Media Server until my PS3 died. Now, chaos ensues.

I got a Roku Ultra because UMS stops playback on my PS4 after around 30 minutes. I thought I found a solution for that but my PS4 continues to stop. I'm trying Plex because UMS doesn't seem to have the renderer I need for the Roku Ultra. Ugh!


I don't know the Roku, but that sounds like you are just using the 'Roku media player' (which is a generic DLNA client).
You need to install the native Plex app onto your Roku.

I am moving this thread into the Roku support area.
Maybe there are some folk who can lend you a hand.


I thought I installed the Plex app. I don’t know how it should look on the Roku side.

I posted in the General section because it seemed like the issue could be caused by many different things.


Yeah you should install the Plex app for Roku. It is listed in the Most Popular section of the Roku Channel Store (Streaming Channels section on Roku box) and is free. It is much better than trying to use DLNA. Also see Connect the Roku Channel to Your Plex Account

But if for some reason you do not want to use the Plex app for Roku and want to use DLNA instead, you would need to post to the DLNA section of the forum.


@shopgirl284 According to the Roku Channel Store, I've installed it. Do I need to restart my Roku?

Also, I just happened to have my PS4 on and when I access Plex (from the Media Player), I also get the same three empty folders.


You should not have to. Sometimes it takes a while for a new channel to show up on the Roku. You can go to settings > system > system updated and check for updates to get it to load faster. Also remember it will be at the bottom of your list of channels.


I got back from running some errands and the Plex app showed up on my Roku. I installed it two days ago. I think installing another channel/app today maybe triggered an update; although I did check that it had updated already.

Because of that I went hunting around for the Plex app on my PS4. It was under TV & Video (at the bottom), not Media Player.

Like most problems, I just had to ask for help and then it works. :)

Thanks for the responses!