Roku Plex App Will Not Load Files After a Recent Update



Not sure when this happened... but I believe the Roku Plex app had an update somewhere in February. Since then, all of my Rokus have had issues default loading a lot of files. In this most recent case (logs attached) it was a Plex DVR'd file from a 480i channel.

The only way I can get these files to play is to load them with Direct Play and Direct Stream disabled, which I believe forces a transcode.

Logs and file XML attached. I can reproduce the issue at any time, with several files.

EDIT: To clarify, the file loads to 99% and then I get an unable to load error. Also, my Premiere seems to be handling them fine. The Roku TV and the Roku Express are struggling.


Also of note, now that I think about it... I recently factory reset the Premiere. The more I think about it, the more I think this is a Roku based, and not a Plex Server based problem... All files play perfectly in PMP and through other clients.


Perhaps the profile in Plex says the file is compatible with a newer update, when in fact, it is not?


@AmazingRando24 would you be able to provide a sample or the full source of at least one of the videos exhibiting this issue? Feel free to PM me a way to obtain the file (dropbox, google drive, etc).


Same problem here...All DVRed files will not play on Roku 4 (but do play on Roku Ultra and other clients)...same solution, disable direct stream.....See this thread "OTA DVR Broken After Roku Update"....


Thank you, @ljunkie I have sent you a PM.

This file was created by Plex DVR.


Thanks for the sample @AmazingRando24! We are investigating this now.

@schoenof thanks for the link to the other thread. I will comment there shortly. This is a known issue on the Roku 4, and we do disable direct stream automatically for liveTV, but it looks like we need to do this for DVR content too (anything save from the live TV feed if not converted). We will continue to investigate and find the proper solution.


This worked perfectly until somewhere around a February update that I cannot peg. I can only speculate or guess, but my inclination is to think it was a Plex Roku client update, rather than a PMS update.


@ljunkie, I've noticed this happening with a few files outside of DVR as well. I'll have to wait till I get home to double check specifics. Will XML from files be sufficient, or would you like another uploaded sample?


@AmazingRando24 samples are always the best so we can replicate internally to figure out what's going on. With that said, we should have an update going out shortly to better handle this scenario. It should general fix this issue, but still, a sample would be great to verify.


Well, it seems like it's been a while since a file refused to load. I think it's safe enough to say that this issue has been rectified for me. Thank you for all of your help!