Roku TV playback failure on greater than 30FPS video on Plex Pass Preview 5.0.9 build 4387.



TV Make/Model: TCL 32S4610R
Running: RokuTV 5101X
Software Version 8.0.0 build 4142-08

Tested against (As reported via Plex Web)
Where the videos tested play back without issue.
Where video playback will not even start, it will stall out and die after reaching 99%.

Edit: And as a gentle reminder as you guys work on a new video player for Roku. The older versions of Roku do not officially support playback of frame rates over 30 FPS.


After seeing the latest Preview Build of the Roku player (5.0.10) is still broken on this issue, and it has been forwarded to Roku for the regular stream, Remote logging has been turned on the help you guys get the system logs. (TCL TV Software Version/Build remains unchanged)

Server has been updated to prior to checking. Playback remains broken on the Preview although symptoms have changed slightly. Playback works normally on 5.0.7 as previously reported(Have sent remote logs from some of those recordings to demonstrate that they worked)

Based on new behavior, the TV will buffer until it reaches 99% where it then stalls. 1 minute and 5 seconds from the playback request being made, the error message
“Playback error
We could not play the selected video” is shown on the Roku.

From what I saw while watching behavior through PlexWeb, the SERVER does believe playback has started as that is reflected in PlexWeb and remains that way until the error message prompt appears on Roku at which point it disappears from “currently playing.”

Here is the XML descriptive data for some of the programs attempted.


As a follow up on this(and you even have it showing in the remote logging as it was running when we encountered it).

I decided to experiment with some settings that were configured a long time ago.

Direct Play had been turned off. Setting the TCL TV to “Auto” for Direct Play seems to have allowed at least a few of the tested files to play back correctly near as we can tell.

So it looks like there is a transcoding specific issue at play here. Why it only impacts the new client, and not the old one is a mystery for you guys to resolve. At least we seem to have found a resolution to our playback problems on this content when 5.0.10 becomes the “live” version.

Edit: Of the slate of videos that had playback issues under forced transcodes, only 1 continues to present issues. And unsurprisingly, it also was the only one checked which was mpeg2 encoded(Marvel’s Agent Carter), which Roku cannot play natively.

However, playback was possible if “Allow Direct Streaming” was disabled, except playback then presented an audio desync with the video where it appears that video was being played at ~30FPS, but no frames were being dropped from the original 59.94 frame rate. Which once paired with Audio that was playing back at its normal rate resulted in “Runaway audio” that becomes increasing desynched as time progresses.