Roku ultra or fire tv 4k ultra which to use



Im looking into purchasing one, but am not sure which. The support articles only give info on how to change and use, but not how they are layed out. My questions are:

Which UI is easier to use, or are they the same? are they similar to webui or android ui or smartv ui?
Which can do the Live TV?
Can recordings be set from either device?


any ideas?


I am strongly biased toward the Roku line/ I use my Ultra for 97% of all my viewing. The reason is not so much that I really like the Ulrta’s interface but rather more that I despise the Fire TV’s interface.

I have found a good use for my Fire TV. The one I have has a optical output that I can convert to regular audio and therefore I can use the Fire TV without actually having a live connection to a TV. The Fire TV also has the ability to be controlled directly by my Echo devices. So I hook the Fire’s audio to my whole house audio and use it to play my audio books. I can hear my audio books wherever I am and, since I have multiple Echos I just need to say Alexia (or Echo) play or Alexia pause and the book I am listening to responds correctly.

But that is the only good use I have found. Otherwise the Fire is nearly useless for me.

The Roku Ultra, and in a couple of other rooms Roku 3s, are the only devices I use for watching TV. They are almost too easy to use.

I should qualify this a bit: I do NOT use any “advanced” video or audio functions at all. I watch everything at 1080p or less if that is what the video is in and I use nothing but stereo audio. My old eyes and ears are not capable of hearing or seeing “better” options. Therefore I cannot testify as to the Roku’s abilities in those, so called, advanced areas.

I also have a Shield TV pro and a Raspberry PI and I like the Rokus MUCH better than anything else I have.


The reasoning for the questioning is from what I have investigated so far. I find myself in a dilemma. I currently have Xfinity for TV and can get their app on a Roku, but would need to create some way to DVR. With the Fire, Alexia gives better voice control and better future options in that area, But Xfinity doesn’t have an app there. Which leaves me with watching live TV through the HDHR app or through Plex ( if I have deduced correctly the ability to have live tv and DVR functions through Fire tv)


I do not use the DVR functionality and I know only a little about it. But one thing I do know is you will not be able to DVR shows from Xfinity unless you have a computer with a tuner with a authorized cablecard. The DVR only records from OTA (antenna) and unencrypted cable TV and encrypted cable if you have a cablecard. It cannot record streams from the internet nor can it intercept streams from apps on devices like the Fire TV or the Roku.

Also all DVR recording takes place on the server so the app has little to do with it.


@Elijah_Baley said:
I am strongly biased toward the Roku line/ I use my Ultra for 97% of all my viewing. The reason is not so much that I really like the Ulrta’s interface but rather more that I despise the Fire TV’s interface.

That is a fact. Insert Roku 3 as the work horse here - without issue.

A quick trip down through this forum:
should indicate the issues Plex is having with Android in General, multiplied greatly on the AFTV line.
I gave up thinking Plex could actually develop a working app for my AFTV - due to the fact that in six years one hasn’t ever arrived.

The Roku app has a few recent quirks that annoy me, but still stands atop the heap of absolute junk Plex is developing.


When i mentioned recording shows I was talking about setting the recording through Plex. I already have the HDHR working but trying to get someone other than me to set the recording. Would be difficult to say the least.

From my understanding the AFTV uses a more complete version of the Android app. While the Roku uses more of the Smartv based app. So to set the recordings from the device can only be done from the AFTV and not Roku.

I am also under the impression the Roku doesn’t play Mpeg-2 or TS files, so I would have to covert recordings to 264 or 265.

Xfinity’s Roku app is still in beta and Buggy, but no mention or plans for AFTV (sounds like they look at the fire tv as competition)