Roku Ultra periodically freezes, pixelates, skips when streaming any tv show or movie



Server version: for Windows 10 64 bit Professional Version
Roku software version 7.7.0 - build 4117-29 Model 4640X - Roku Ultra

PC: 3.3 gHz AMD 8-Core 200 Bus Memory 12G USB version: USB 3

Internal Drives: C: 2TB (runs server software) D : 3TB (swap space, temp storage, misc files)
External (USB 3) Drives: Movies: 5TB Toshiba, Current_TV: 4TB WD Mybook, Full_Series_TV: 4TB, MISC (Music, Pictures, personal videos, recipe videos): 4TB

All External drives, and temp folder on drive C, and entire drive D are shared out both explicitly to the user running plex and group everyone.

Plex was running as a user until last week, when it was changed to run as a service. No discernable effect, no increase or decrease in problem.

Router: Netgear R6250 AC Roku and server are connected to router via ethernet cables. Both use static IPs

All hardware and software and firmware at most current versions.

Issue: Starting 2 Plex Server releases ago, my TV would green screen, then pixelate, freeze and the video would jump 20 minutes or more when restarting the video. It occurs randomly, it did it once in the evening after a full day of use. It's also has occurred 7 times in one day. Some days it hasn't occurred at all.

Roku was updated from a version 3 to a Roku 4 based on Plex forum info and Reddit Plex info. No change. Also used the latest version of Plex for Kodi on a Firestick, which also froze up (but didn't pixelate).

Prior to the last releases, I had my server running on a Lenovo running windows 10 home, with only 4G of memory, and it ran perfectly. After the latest 2 releases, it started freezing, green screening, pixelating, so went back to the other computer above.

Plex Pass member.

Roku log and Plex Media Server Logs are attached. Please advise. Thanks!


I have the exact same problem. Seems to be an issue with Roku 7.7 update. More info here: