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I had a roku 4 but had constant lip sync issues so went back to 3 now I see roku ultra coming out anyone know if this has been fixed?


Its not released yet, but its an all new hardware update.
Being a new device there is a good chance hardware issues will not carry over, but who knows until its released.
Software plays a huge part as well on issues and is more times than not the cause. I expect the new Rokus to have the same latest Roku OS as the current ones.

But.. Personaly I have had zero issues with my Roku 4. I will also be buying the Ultra.


I am getting one of the Ultra models today. I am cautiously optimistic that the new Ultra will be "acceptable" for Plex, unlike the Roku 4 has been.

Unfortunately, I never was really able to use Plex with my Roku 4(s) due to frame drops if playing "Direct". I am extremely sensitive to frame loss, and it literally makes me feel nauseated. The frame drops are far less noticeable when the content is trans-coded, but trans-coding is just too costly (for me) in terms of quality.

I have two Roku 4 models and two different 4K sets, all with the same results, so it is not just one bad unit. I am not the only one that has had this problem. These devices are all interconnected on a gigabit LAN and with a extremely fast computer running the Plex server.

For a year now, I have been forced into using other players (Roku 3 or the built-in Plex app that is in my Samsung 4K set. BOTH play fine). This has led me to believe the problem is and has been the Roku, and not Plex. I finally gave up on a Roku software update to fix the problem, it never came. I did report it to Roku and they acknowledged the problem, but never heard anything else.

Note: Other sources on the Roku 4 devices play fine: Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc (2k or 4k material), so it seems to just be a compatibility problem with the Roku 4 and Plex. Maybe I am being too anal, but it just never has been acceptable.

I will be testing this today with the Ultra. I will post my findings here.


Great my issue is exactly the same but my lip sync would go in and out not super bad but enough maybe it was caused from frame drop not sure. But same I went back to a roku 3 and sold the 4. Let me know how it goes.


I can happily report that the Roku Ultra works FANTASTIC with Plex!!!! The app looks a bit different but I see no frame loss, no audio issues (at least with the content I have), and it just is a much smoother experience. This is with Direct Play. Very happy!

On a non-Plex note: The Roku Ultra is about 1000% faster than the Roku 4, the video up-conversion from 2k sources (even HBO GO) looks so much better and smoother, and overall it seems to have less audio issues. I have not tested it with HEVC content yet, only (x264 content (.mkv/.mov/.mp4) but it looks like Roku got it right this time!! :D/

Only drawback so far: The remote that comes with the Roku Ultra moved the buttons around a bit, so where the "OK" button was, the "Search" button is now, so I keep hitting it when I think I am hitting OK. It will take some getting used to. They did add back the "quick review" button back (goes back 30s) at least.


@mattj949 Awesome update. The Ultra looks like a great device. Do you have the Roku hooked up to an AVR? If so, what types of audio formats have you tried with it so far? Are you using a 4K TV?


Why does it say Roku 4 only under the specs for the Ultra?

Video — H.264/AVC (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV), on Roku 4 only: H.265/HEVC (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV); VP9 (.MKV)


@Jusedawg said:
Why does it say Roku 4 only under the specs for the Ultra?

Video — H.264/AVC (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV), on Roku 4 only: H.265/HEVC (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV); VP9 (.MKV)

No idea. I noticed that too. I'll try it with a HEVC file and see how it does.


@sdjme said:
@mattj949 Awesome update. The Ultra looks like a great device. Do you have the Roku hooked up to an AVR? If so, what types of audio formats have you tried with it so far? Are you using a 4K TV?

I do have it connected to a AVR via HDMI. Tried it with AC3/AAC/DD+ . Seems to be OK, but I haven't extensively tested it. Will try it with others when I get a chance. The majority of problems with the 4 were video related (at least for me).

I am using it with a 4K set with HDR on.


@mattj949 If you happen to have some DTS content, I'd really be interested to see how it's working out for you!


Got one today dts audio still out of sync


Question for those smarter than me roku ultra works great but when I play DTS audio files lips out of sync if I tell roku I can not play dts it transcodes to DD+ and works fine. Not sure if it is roku or receiver(onkyo). Also if I hook up the ultra with optical for audio will that help? Thanks for any help trying to figure out what direction to go.


Posted this in too...

So, I'm having an issue with my new Roku Ultra with the Plex App.

I have a Windows 8 HTPC that I've been using as a Plex Server for 2 Roku 3s and a friends Roku 2. I have a lot movies and a few TV shows. I've been able to stream with zero audio or video issues.

On Monday, I swapped out my Roku 3 for the Ultra in my bedroom.

Using the Plex App, Movie playback is fine , but I tried playing back an episode of Seinfeld and the audio and video is not in sync. The audio plays fine at 1x speed , but video plays at 4x or 8x speed and is choppy.

It's not an issue with the HTPC or Network, as the episode plays fine on my other Roku 3 in the living room and with my iOS App.


I can also report that the Ultra is out of sync, PLEX is the only app on the roku that audio is not synced with video. I have tried several combinations such as using optical for audio, multiple settings on my receiver and cannot get it to work.

Roku 3 works fine, so I'm assuming a Roku 4 and up issue.


What kind of reciever do you have mine is only out of sync with dts audio mkv files


It's a Yamaha rxa660 picked it up over the weekend so this is a bummer. Most of my audio is DTS/MKV as well using direct play only no transcoding as my synology server can't handle it. Makes no sense why roku 3 works fine.

I was thinking it could be 4K passthrough that I'm using, while the audio stream gets split to the receiver that is causing a delay. Netflix works so that kind of eliminates it being a culprit.


On my roku I set the audio to only dd+ My synology transcodes the audio only to ac3 my reciever picks it up as Dolby digital and all is synced fine I have a 716+ so not sure if it is roku or reciever and my roku 3 worked fine


FYI- My Ultra is hooked up with an Amazon HDMI cable directly to my Panasonic TV. Not using any receiver.

The issue must be the Roku Ultra.


I tried it with a AVC file with DTS audio via Plex and it is in sync on mine. Not trying to trans-code it to anything. I can try it with the file on a USB stick and see how it goes (no Plex).

My set up: I have the Roku going to my TV (Samsung 4K set) via HDMI, then the Optical out of my TV into my AVR (Yamaha RX-A2030). I can try it other ways to see if I can duplicate the problem if you like.

The way it works for me is I change inputs from other devices with the TV and not the AVR because the AVR does not work well with 4k@60p video.


I just got my Roku Ultra today, upgraded from a Roku 4. Having the same problem with DTS files. Files with AC3 DD play fine but DTS files have audio out of sync. Ugh.