roku upgrade



when roku client requests a library from the server it is resulting in a 500 error. seems to be because the roku client now sending an additional parameter in the request. Is there a way to ignore that new parameter in the server side instead of crashing the response ? I'm not going to upgrade the server software, but if this can't be configured then I will have to say good bye to roku...


@netcsvg said:
I’m not going to upgrade the server software

What leads you to believe it’s an extra parameter?
Can you attach logs that lead you to believe this?
Plex logs?
Roku logs (may need to XXX out your userkey in Roku logs)
What Plex server version do you run?


I found the extra parameter in the library requests in the server side log . I run it in a browser and got an error 500. without the extra parameter I get a json output of the library… I now moved to chromecast… thank you for your response…


Many people have Rokus and latest Plex media server with no issue, myself included.
Are you running latest Plex on Roku? (What version?)
Are you running recent server? (What version?)
What parameter is “extra”?