Roku4 No Audio with eac3 5.1 audio channel



Just an FYI

If a movie is encoded with eac3 audio Plex will direct play the Audio but the Roku won't play audio.
The Roku, in that case should be transcoding audio to something the Roku can understand.

I re-encoded to AC3 5.1 and it still direct plays but there is sound.


What is the main audio setting on your Roku set to? If your receiver/TV/etc doesn’t support Dolby Digital Plus…the setting needs to be set to “Dolby D”, or if you device supports DTS it should be set to “Dolby D, DTS”.


well not sure…
But if the Roku reports no EAC3 support, regardless of reason, should it not transcode???


Roku reports its audio capabilities to the server according to what you have the audio settings set to. Out in the main Roku home screen, go to “settings”, “Audio”, and set both audio mode and HDMI and S/PDIF to “Dolby D” and see what happens.


Those settings are already set to Dolby D and DTS


@jjrjr1 what do you have the Direct Play setting set to in the Plex for Roku settings under video?


All my videos direct play
My settings are set for direct play.
In this case both PMS status and Plex Py reported it was direct playing the eac3 audio but no sound on the Roku4

I re-encoded the audio to ac3 and all was good.

BTW the eac3 was a 6.1 channel track


@jjrjr1 I was asking what your Direct Play setting is set to.

  • Open the Plex channel
  • Go to the settings -> Video -> Direct Play: (what do you have selected)


Direct Play setting in the Plex channel is set to Auto.



I have the same problem. It looks like some Rokus will pass through the EAC3 audio, so if the TV cant direct play you don’t get audio…
My Samsung Blu-Ray player has no problem when using the Plex App which is crazy…