Rooted Shield - Installing XBMC Movie Agent



I rooted my shield yesterday and I'm hoping to install XBMC movie agent - simply dragging and dropping the plugin into the shield server folder isn't working? Is there something I need to do get support for plugins?


I know this is quite old, but some guys (@rketterl, @faaaaq, & @MetalSonic93 ) wrote up really helpful info on how to do this in another thread (by symlink-ing an external plugin directory):

Others have accomplished this by deleting the original stock PMS from the Shield and reinstalling it to external storage (which has additional benefits) as described in a great post by @Xaph0d:

I just stumbled on this while spending a long time trying to find their posts, so wanted to reference the solutions for others (or for mods to merge it or whatever the protocol is)…both methods obviously require rooting the Shield.