Rules for this forum



Please read before posting
If you're posting in here, it's probably because you've found a problem or have a suggestion for the new Plex for Android app. Assuming you've found a problem, please adhere to the following guidelines:


[]PLEASE (with agave syrup on top), search for existing posts with the issue, so that there aren't duplicates. If you find it, just add a post saying you're running into it too.

]Please post all the device details with each post (device make/model, OS version, etc.) Consider putting it in your forum signature if you're posting a lot.

[]Consider turning on logging (Settings > Network logging) to "show us" an issue. We can look it up based on your username, so just turn on logging, reproduce the issue, and then turn it off again.

]If you're reporting an aesthetic issue, please post a screenshot to show the issue, and also turn on debug logging so we can see how your device is reporting.

[*]If you got a crash, please make sure to submit the crash report to us when the app starts back up.


We'll edit this list as we figure out best practices :)