Running ok?



I was one of the people that complained about the new ExoplayerV2, when it first got released after 6.12.
I haven’t changed my media, but have installed all the updates for server and Fire TV/Stick and have been running just fine now for the last 2 months at least.
I have around 30 users with a mixture of clients, but predominantly Android, who are not reporting issues anymore.
I have one minor bug, that the client sometimes stops immediately after starting a video, but, press play again and it runs fine.
Most of my libraries are MKV with some MP4 and are X264/X265.
I’ve not had (and nor have my users) had the “too slow” message for quite some time.
Could the problems be more to do with the media/libraries than the player/server.
I’m interested to see how many people DON’T have the problem?


Don't have which problem? The "too slow" message or the "stops after starting" bug? The "stops after starting" bug is widespread across Android clients and has been regularly reported here and elsewhere. I've not heard any reliable speculation as to the underlying cause. And for most users, it seems to more of an occasional annoyance than something that happens each and every time playback starts. Beyond that bug, Android playback seems pretty solid across most devices at the moment.


I'm still experiencing the "lost connection to media server" issue with my Nvidia Shield. I'm using v7.x of the Shield player and on the server. Last night I removed updates from Plex on the Shield and fell back to the original Plex client that shipped with the box. I was able to get all the way through an MKV file with no issues. I think I'll try going to 6.12 of the client and seeing how that works.