Safe to delete AppData INETCache?



I have an expensive but very fast 256Gb SSD that is nearing capacity. I noticed my Plex folder in under app-data is nearing 15Gb which is asinine. Is it safe to delete this folder and/or limit it's size? I don't mind waiting 1/4 sec longer for it to load. (:|

NOTE THAT THIS COMPUTER IS ONLY RUNNING THE WINDOWS 8 PLAYER . . . My PMS is on a dedicated machine on my LAN and has a database of 50GB.

Thank you In advance,


Yes, it's safe to delete. It's a Microsoft bug we don't know how to work around at the moment.


Wonderful, Thank you


Okay, 3 years later, it seem you’re not much interested to fix this. Like many issues in the W10 app you don’t care a lot, maybe you don’t like W10 I duno, but you seem to focus more on Android/Apple customers.

Oh wait… no ! I’m wrong… the app on my Android TV keep transcoding with no reasons, since all the medias are played fine with the embedded and ridiculously basic DLNA player. 2 years with the same issue here…

I think you need to wakeup or hire your dev manager, just to say !