Safe to upgrade to 64bit version?



Quick question, my Synology model can now support 64bit PLEX (415+) and I have the 32 bit server running currently. Should I install the 64bit version when the next update comes out? Is it safe to install the 64 bit version over the 32 bit version?



Your DS415+ has the Atom C2538 CPU which is a 64 bit processor and the same as my DS1815+. 64 bit mode works well (better than 32 bit too)


Thanks! I saw from the sticky that I can use 64bit, but the question is can I upgrade without impacting my current library and settings. Thanks!


Bit the bullet here and uninstalled my 32bit plex and loaded the 64bit install. Plex is working great on my 415+ and does in fact seem to run a bit faster! All my settings and library carried over from the 32 bit version into 64 bit.

Thank you plex team for the 64 bit version!


Yes, Metadata and package binaries are stored in two different locations (in @appstore and the Plex share). You can uninstall the package and your metadata is still safe; until you delete the Plex share.

Simply install on top of. To downgrade, uninstall and re-install a lower version.


where i get the 64-bit install spk?


@Kazadbaruk said:
where i get the 64-bit install spk?