Same file played on plex media player: locally (Direct Stream) Remotely (Transcoded), Remote freezes



Wouldn't be the end of the world but also the remote play freezes after 2-5 minutes & i have to close plex media player & reopen it & start playing.

I tried regressing to older verions of plex media player even ones before the current new visual overhaul & i have the same problems. This was never a problem until the last 30 days. Not sure if its the transcoding problem why the freezing is happening but its unwatchable remotely

All settings on both local & remote plex media player are the same.

Remote Transcoding
Video H264 to H264
Audio AAC to OPUS

Its doing this on 6 different movies i tested both remotely/locally but ALL videos are doing this remotely i just tested 6 both local & remote to verify its not the file.


I reinstalled Windows 10 on my Intel NUC And have the same Problem since then.
Not able To solve this since yesterday.