Samsung 2017 QLED No TV Themes In App



I just got the 2017 QLED Q7, and the Plex app is working fine, but when I select TV shows it doesn't play the music themes like my old 2014 Samsung tv app did. Is this a setting I'm missing, or is it a feature that hasn't been added yet?


Same here, i've just got a Q7F and noticed the same, i wonder if this is going to be fixed, would be good to know.


Well, Samsung just told me that none of the 2017 QLED TVS supported Plex. I want to purchase the QN75Q8C, the 75 inch model, so that I can watch my movie collection. I chose NOT to buy the TV. Did this support guy mislead me?


He didn't know what he was talking about. Plex is on the tv App Store, and it works fine.