Samsung 2017 Tizen 3.0 Plex Clock Wrong



I have a 2017 Samsung UE49M5600AK TV running it's latest firmware (1144) and Tizen 3.0 with Plex 3.10. (3.8.0)

The Clock on the TV is set to Auto which gives the correct time (10:27am).
For some reason the Plex App has the Clock at 1:53am!

There are no longer any time settings in the Plex App. Changing the TV time to manual and moving it forward 8 hours makes no difference to the clock in Plex.

Where is Plex getting it's time from? How can I change it?


The weird thing is at 11:00pm the Plex clock then said 2:25am! So it’s not even a consistent amount from the correct time.
I think I read somewhere about needing to open a specific port on your router for NTP?


Anyone have any ideas?


@TheObo are subtitles running corectly on your TV? I mean .srt files external.
I have 2016 model and subtitles are always out of sync.
Sorry for offtopic.


Same here as well


I’ve just noticed that the clock on my Samsung tv plex app is incorrect as well. It was ok a week or so ago. Running Tizen 3.0 and Plex for Samsung 3.2.2. Tv Software version 1202. Is there a fix for this?