Samsung J6200 app



Earlier in 2017 I downloaded Plex for windows onto my PC and all was fine.Now when I sign into Plex it cannot find server for some reason.App seems to be no longer on my smart tv. Back in March I seem to remember that there was an app for Samsung tv's.


Your TV should still have the Plex app available.
Look under the Video section in the app store on your TV.

I would advise you to donwload the manual for the app version that is available on your model, link is in my footer.


OK ,the Plex app is still loaded but will not completely open. What I have is the console with a red X in the center.Bottom corner says that I am offline.My Plex account says that cannot find server. Just wondering if I should delete the existing app and download it again. What say You?


You should (re)connect your server and the app to your account by means of the PIN code.
Please download and check the manual, it will explain what to do.


Followed all of your instructions and now I get"unable to switch user". Just wondering if a plex pass is needed. Wasn't when I loaded this in March.


Depends, if it is a real user (with an email address) that should still work without.
However "Home" is a PlexPass feature. Check here.


here is the debug.