Samsung Plex App Libraries



Hello everyone,
I a love/hate with Plex which has been getting my goat when using the Plex app through my Samsung TV. I love that I do not have to buy supplementary equipment which I appreciate, what I do not like however is the scrolling between libraries. I have 80+ libraries to scroll through, which will increase over time, however the scrolling speed through the libraries is nauseatingly slow. Is there a way to speed that up? There is an alphabetical listing at the bottom which is nifty, but does not help as much as I had hoped when having to filter through 70 or so that start with the same letter. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated for this, thank you.


may I ask what you do with 80 libraries?
is this all shared stuff from friends or have you decided to break down your movies / shows in 80+ libraries? sounds almost freakish :wink:


Broke down movies by genre (action, comedy, drama, thriller, sci-fi, etc.), TV however is the main bulk of my content. I may have to break down my TV into genres, like I did movies in order to speed up the scrolling process between content.
I currently have my content separated as such: Kids-Animated, Kids-Cartoons, Kids-Live Action, Movies-Action, Movies-Comedy, etc., etc., etc. TV however is separated as TV-(title), TV-(title). I believe TV-Action, TV-Comedy, TV-Crime, etc., etc. will help. I just know I will have to re-teach the wife where to find things based upon category.


you know that Plex lets you easily filter your library by Genre – at least on all clients I’ve run over…