Samsung S8 will only stream Original or 480p using mobile streaming



I have a new Samsung S8. As long as I am connected to WiFi even remotely I can change the bitrates for video within the application with no problem. When I turn off WiFi and use mobile the Plex application will only play videos in Original or 480p. If I try to manually select a bitrate the application crashes.


Having the same issue. Im not on an S8, im using a Nexus 6P on the latest version.

See here,

If I set the android app defaults to 3Mbps 720p when on mobile data it will trancode a file down.

The file is 3Mbps 720p so should be original quality but Plex is transcoding it to 476x268.

If I set the options to original and then try and Transcode it down, the app crashes.