Samsung smart tv aspect ratio is wrong with plex



Hello , i have this Samsung smart tv 4k (UE43MU6122K ) when i try stream from my laptop with windows 10 and plex installed , the aspect ratio on the TV is WRONG on all movies , and the function from Samsung to change it to 16:9 is disabled when using the plex application that i have downloaded from app store , when i play the movies from usb or online the ratio 0is rather fine or at least i can change it because the TV use the Samsung app player for the movie and not the plex one! any idea how i can fix the aspect ratio ? i tried any method i read on the forum here , like the creation of 2 conf files etc etc but was dead end , no clue


please be a somewhat more precise as for the exact nature of your problem.
what kind of content is it you're watching?
do the videos show differently in different plex clients? -- e.g. Plex Web
if the original content is 4:3, Plex will display it this way and not cut stuff away or stretch it unnaturally.


sorry i was not clear ..
For example lets say i want to watch game of thrones , when i play the episodes via USB stick , the TV Player has the option to change the aspect ratio to 16:9 So my screen on TV will not have black bars on the top and bottom ! when i try play the same episode via plex server and plex ( i have plex server installed on laptop and plex app on the TV from Samsung app store ) the same episode will have black bars on the top and bottom... and the option to change it by the remote control is DISABLED because it uses the plex player and not the Samsung tv one.... almost every movie or what ever i try play on plex will be with bars on top and bottom ... i need one option to zoom or change the aspect ratio , the plex app does not have any option like that i searched .. so maybe there is an other way of changing that ?


you know that by changing as you describe it, the TV will cut away from the picture on the left and right (or stretch the picture disproportionally)?
The reason for those bars is that the movies are no longer 16:9 but even wider. So by complying with e.g. Full HD restrictions, picture is allowed to be 1920 pixels wide. By scaling it to that width, it'll be less than 1080 pixels high... hence the black bars.

By "scaling" or "zooming" you'll loose part of the picture. That's why Plex isn't offering it...


yes i know that , but all that years i get used to it ... i dont feel the need to have wide picture , i like most the full screen with 16:9.. thats why im asking for a way to change that :/


not from Plex. your only chance is to "zoom" with the capabilities of your TV if the TV supports it.


I’m having a similar issue with my new Samsung TV. Firstly my set up. Plex media server running on Nvidia shield 2017, mainly for UK TV recordings via HDHomeRun Connect and Plex DVR functionality. Recordings are stored locally on a hard drive connected to the shield (storage converted to android “internal memory”). The Shield, HDHomeRun, and TV are all hardwired into the network (vs WiFi).

When playing back recorded content generally the set up works seamlessly. For clients running on an Android tablet (Samsung Tab S3 ), Plex Apps running on iMac and Macbook, and Plex client installed on Nvidia box the content renders correctly with one exception, the Client installed on my new 2017 Samung 7 Series TV - model number - UE55MU7000.

For recorded content playback on the Samsung TV the aspect ratio is wrong or the image size is reduced, i.e. (1) sometimes it has black bars left and right of the picture (resulting in a “squashed” picture - wrong apect ratio), (2) sometimes it also puts black bars at the top and bottom (resulting in a smaller picture surrounded by a black frame - correct aspect ratio). As soon as I exit the playback and return to the Plex library menu the App uses the full screen again. I only see the issue via the Plex client on the TV, if I play the same content on other devices it renders normally.

The Plex client is reporting it’s version as 3.1.0, I’ve not been prompted to update it ( and only installed it 1 week ago to assuming it’s the current version for Samsung Smart TVs).

Is this a known issue are there any workarounds (other than using a different device via hdmi into the TV!)? Hopefully someone can offer me some advice on how to resolve. Thanks in advance.


Confirmed - same issue here. Also Samsung DLNA doesn’t work.


Confirmed again. Just installed Serviio, aspect ratio restored. Plex client issue. Needs repair.


+1. Just started happening with my Samsung TV through the Plex app on the TV. Aspect ratio is correctly identified on Apple TV app and other clients.


+1 Verified here too. I'm using a Samsung TV- Model 6300 running Plex for Samsung 3.2.2, Tizen 3.0. I've noticed that this issue primarily occurs with HDConnect DVR Content (1440 x 1080). If i play the same content on my FireTV, it plays at native resolution (without the black bars on the sides). This is most certainly a Plex app issue and not an issue with PMS or the actual TV. A brief search on Google indicates that this appears to have plagued LG TVs since 2013. Hopefully it will be addressed soon as this very dis-pleasurable way to watch content.


I also have these aspect ratio issues running the Plex app on my Samsung. I’ve noticed that if I unclick the direct play option, the aspect ratio corrects itself. BUT if I do unclick direct play, then I have pixilation issues with certain files as the video quality is reduced. Toggling back and forth based on what I’m watching is ridiculous. There needs to be a better solution. Currently I have version 3.2.2. I’m not sure how long I’ve had that version which apparently is a recent update, but I’ve only noticed this aspect ratio issue recently.


+1 I have three recent model Samsung TV's, and on each the aspect ratio on a number of my videos incorrectly reduces the width, so the video is squashed horizontally - exactly how the images display in an earlier post on this thread.
The videos display fine on my portable devices, my computer, and even directly accessing using the native Samsung TV access to the files. The info of the video file shows 720x480 Aspect ratio 1.85.

There is something clearly wrong with the Samsung Plex app if other devices, and apps play the files correctly.


Will the recent update 6.14.0 fix this issue? If so, can we download and install it on s Samsung smart tv? Can anyone assist with this?


Have the same problem on my Samsung tv 8 series. Hope there will be a solution soon.
Playback mp4 files works fine on iphone and pc.


Just started happening with my Samsung tv too. Has there been a client update ?

My main device I watch from is the Samsung tv as it plays MKV files better than Apple TV so I’m hoping this is resolved soon


same here - started probably about 3-4 weeks ago… smaller resolution files would be played auto fit screen on my 4k 49” tv and now they show original boxed size :frowning: frustrating


Does anyone have a workaround for this? Is there some way to download and use the previous version (whatever that was) on Tizon?


If you disable direct play/stream it transcodes to the proper aspect ratio


@morkboy_wonder said:
If you disable direct play/stream it transcodes to the proper aspect ratio

do you mean on TV itself? so what about all the heavy HD stuff that normally is directplay - im guessing all would transcode too :( short term resolution maybe then