Samsung Smart Tv Plex app Clock



The time on my plex app for my samsung smart tv is off by several hours thinks its 9:40 am when it's actually 1:00am. I've checked my tv and it has the correct time, the correct time zone, I even tried manually setting the time did not fix the issue. I even tried changing the time zone to something else it didn't even change the time on the app. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that fixed the issue it did not. It worked correctly when I first got the tv which was on black friday this year so was there an update that may have broke it.


The app has a feature that allows you to set the time correctly.
Look under preferences (press left or {Red} on the main screen)


I have been searching for an answer to the same problem. I have seen the manual. It suggests using the clock adjustment option.

The time displayed by the app on my player is zone MST or an equivalent. That is UTC -7 hours. The time at my location is UTC +8 hours. The necessary adjustment from MTC is therefore + 15 hours. This is not possible with the limitations of the clock adjustment option. The manual states adjustment is limited to +/- 12 hours.

A further problem is that adjustment can only be made by clicking up or down one second at a time. To adjust by 15 hours requires stepping through 900 seconds. There is no other way to set the adjustment.

So, adjusting the clock is a big pain; adjusting the clock to the correct time is impossible; and the clock cannot be removed or disabled.

I am forced to have a wrong clock in my player. And unlike the well-known stopped clock that is still right twice a day, this one is always wrong all the time.


Blame Samsung


I shall blame Samsung.

I shall blame Samsung in the morning.
I shall blame Samsung in the afternoon.
At the rising of the sun, and its setting, I shall blame Samsung.
Through all the hours of the night I shall blame Samsung.
Every day, at every hour, Samsung shall be blamed.

But Samsung will always be blamed 15 hours out of sync with its damned clock.


It’s OK - there is a solution, I should have thought of it before.

All I have to do is move to Inuvik, or Calgary, or Denver, or Salt Lake City…


First try to adjust the clock and timezone inside your TV’s menu and make sure that is set correctly before resorting to the workaround in the app.


My set-up is a Windows 10 PC running the server connected by LAN to a Panasonic Viera tv that does not have a Plex app. The tv is connected to a Samsung home theatre disc player that runs Smart Hub and therefore is the Plex player. The PC is set to local time, UTC +8. The tv is set to local time, UTC +8. The Samsung device is set to local time, UTC +8. They were set up that way years ago. They have to be or else various functions, nothing to do with Plex, would not work.

That only leaves the workaround, but as I already pointed out, it take 900 separate increments of the time adjust counter to produce the required adjustment of +15 hours and the counter does not accept this magnitude of adjustment. If I adjust it the other way, -9 hours, I will have set the Plex player -24 hrs away from local time. It will look right, but it will be wrong by a whole day. I do not know if setting the Plex player to believe it is always yesterday will have any effect but experience tells me that sooner or later such sloppy practice usually causes grief, often in subtle and mysterious ways that take immense time and effort to trace and resolve.


The app doesn’t really change the time on the device, it just modifies the time it gets from the device (which is obliviously wrong)
It only uses the offset to display the correct time on screen.That time will not be used for certificates and such.
As I said, it’s a workaround, the real issue is with the Samsung API and I can’t fix that.


Ok Orca, thanks for your time and patience.

I think I understand now:

  • Samsung built a clock into this API
  • The clock’s setting cannot be corrected if it is wrong
  • The clock’s output cannot be hidden, it is always displayed on screen
  • There is a very clumsy adjustment option for the display
  • Adjusting the display is wholly cosmetic and has no effect on the clock
  • The clock has no function, so it can be as wrong as it likes.

I can live with that. I just cannot imagine why Samsung made it that way.