Samsung Smart TV wont play movie trailers while connected to Drobo 5N server anymore



For some reason my Samsung Smart TV will no longer play movie trailers when I am logged into my Drobo 5N server. It shows the option for trailer, but when I choose to play it (or any extras) it just buffers indefinitely. However, if I connect to my laptop Plex server from my TV it plays trailers just fine!
To make matters even more confusion, I can play trailers on any other device while connected to Drobo server....just not my Smart TV (which is the device I want trailers on the most!)
I thought that maybe it is due to a recent update for my PMS on Drobo, but I do not know how to revert to a previous PMS version on Drobo...
This just started happening in the last week or so and I cant find any support for this problem on the forums.
I have attached my log file.
Any help will be much appreciated.