Save Plex library on nas



Self explanatory. Can I save my files on my nas instead of doing a share, from my computer. If so I have an asustor Nas running jbod


Yes if what you are asking is can you run the Plex Media Server on say Windows 10 and have your library reside on your NAS…

As long as your NAS supports SMB/NFS/CIFS or some other file sharing protocol your server can understand you can have your library be a remote share.


I want to run Plex on the Nas and the Plex media my nas is powerful enough


If there is a Plex Server version for your NAS, you are free to install it and run it from there. It may not be possible to move the existing database though.


Sorry I misunderstood the question.
Check the compatibility list to make sure your NAS is “supported”

And yes the libary gets stored on the NAS where Plex runs.
I use Unraid which is just a home built NAS and have same setup Plex running on NAS and Library is local to plex.


Ok it’s just IDK how to store files on my nas manually


You create directories for your media, just like you do on a PC. Then, when you create a library in Plex, add those directories. Should be identical for every type of Plex Server.

If you are unsure about how the NAS operates, I highly recommend getting some documentation for it and reading up before you move forward with running Plex Server on it.


Sorry guys I think I figured it out I just want to learn about NAS’s


@theliltank4901 said:
Sorry guys I think I figured it out I just want to learn about NAS’s

You’ve got the Plex Server install figured out, is that right?

For the NAS, definitely find a website/forum that’s specific to your NAS - that is always a good place to start (after reading the manual of course, lol)


Ya the install of the server is fine I just want my media for Plex on the nas


How to configure your NAS, copy to shares, etc, will be covered in the documentation for your particular NAS and on forums/websites for it as well.


Most NASs you just create a “share” which is just a folder that is available to other computers on the network.

I have multiple “shares” one called Movies one called TV another Music…

From other windows computers I can open a file browser and browse to \192.168.1.x\Movies or \192.168.1.x\TV and access each of those network shares so you should be able to do that and just “Copy and Paste” your files onto your NAS.

In Plex on the NAS when you add a library and browse your file system it will show your NAS files so just make a “Movies” library item that points to the “share” that you save your movies in.


My network is not quick to start off with so i rather keep my media on the drive