Scan Library Files: Music gives me "This server cannot reach the Internet"



When i try that option from other libraries, no problems, but from Music specifically I get

Internet Required
This server cannot reach the Internet. Please verify connectivity and try again.

I have internet (as you may note I'm typing this question online). I can watch and listen outside my home too. This isn't my router, or port forwarding, as all that stuff is working. This is simply so I can get it to acknowledge ONE album I added to my server this morning.


Plex Media Server checks with specific servers (pubsub servers) to see if there is connectivity to the internet - this is needed for Premium Music Libraries

Need to establish which pubsub servers is being connected to

Have you blocked any IP addresses ?

Suggest making sure debug logging is enabled (settings / server / general / show advanced : enable debug logging ticked)

Then restart the server and try again
Get the server logs zip if you continue to have an issue

Then we can identify which server it is checking and get you to do an nslookup etc



I made no changes and it’s been working the whole time until yesterday. I will turn on logging.


Restarting the server itself seemed to solve the issue. Debug logging has been on the whole time.