'scanning libbrary' info shows up OVER media



Since the new version was pushed out, whenever a library updates if I'm watching a movie or other media the 'now re-scanning this or that library / files' that used to appear only over the menu, shows up OVER the media. Is there something I can do or is this just one of the bugs in the new version?


You are talking about the notification bubble constantly coming over subtitles right? Truly boils me blood eh.


its really distracting, be getting into a movie or something then all of a sudden “scanning…” like, can we not? Ether do it silently and dont show me, or wait till later.


Yep. that’s what I’m talking about. This new version is ‘pretty’ and all, but it’s buggy as ■■■■. I ca’t imagine why they even pushed this out… Acts like a beta.


+1 on this

Utterly insane why anyone would ever want to see that data and adding such a feature with no option for disable.


Looks like the latest version has fixed it. Now only ten or twelve other major issues to fix with the release. I don’t know what happened to the people making plex, but this release has been ridiculously buggy and they should be ashamed to push out an update like this. This garbage is just past ALPHA quality.