screen saver during playpack?



The screen saver on my apple tv comes up while I am watching a video from plex. I can switch to other apps in the apple tv, and it doesn't happen. I am up to date with Plex and on the Apple tv. The show will pause, and the screen saver comes on, and will resume when I do something with the remote (IE hit a button) so its not still playing in the background.


it is being looked into


I honestly didnt see that when I searched for the issue. I am sorry to double the post.


This is happening to me, as well. Just noticed it for the first time today. Had you previously used Plex without this issue?

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Happening here too.


I have the same problem ... wife is driving me crazy to fix it... :/

Never happened before this latest 1.11 Apple TV and Plex Pass server version ...