Screen saver while playing music



When using Apple's own music playing app, it has a very good display mode that moves the displayed artwork and textual data around the screen so it acts as its own screen saver and you can happily turn off any other screen saver function for when listening to music.

Plex however, displays the same data statically, which is not only far less visually attractive but also you might want to use the screen saver option to avoid any possibility of screen 'burn-in'. But I don't. I just want the music data (album artwork, artist and titles) to be displayed the whole time. So I turn the 'screen saver while playing music' option OFF in the Apple TV settings. But when listening to Plex playing music, after some time interval (no idea what) a screen saver cuts in and I cannot see the music data, even though I have that option set to OFF.

So, first of all, are Plex considering offering a better display when playing music, like Apple do and indeed as does PlexConnect (so it's obviously possible)?

Secondly, how the hell can I stop the screen saver from cutting in. I don't want it. I really don't. So I went to the bother of turning that OFF in the Apple TV settings, yet Plex still insists on switching to screen saver. Either this is a bug/oversight, in which case it needs fixing, or the Plex devs have decided they don't care what the user actually wants and have decided to force the screen saver on everybody. On balance I hope it's the former.

Can anyone comment on this? Is there perhaps some arcane procedure I can perform to make Plex respect the NO screen saver setting while playing music?