Scrobble tracks using Plex skill



I'm using Plex skill to play music in my Amazon Echo, and everything is fine. I'm also a user wanting to scrobble everything that I listen. I've found a tool that allows me to do that with Plex web client, called Plex Scrobbler. It relies on Plex Media Server.log file, but I noticed that the Plex skill doesn't log played musics on this file. Is there any way to scrobble musics from my Echo using Plex?


I would like a way for this happen too. Plexpy logs the playing of tracks on the Echo so I would think it was possible in some way.


The Alexa skill doesn’t send timeline events to PMS currently. We’re adding support soon as part of our next push of on-device playback fixes.


This is now happening following the latest skill update.


great news!