SD card & sync 'ed content plex getting confused due to OS settings



I have a 64gb sd card and 32gb on my tablet.
When synching content plex uses internal storage. Even if I select external in synch settings on plex.

Plex's behaviour seems to be affected by the OS settings.

Eg if in the OS settings I select default location SD card. Plex only ever uses internal memory no matter what setting is set in the synch menu.

If I set is default location to internal for the OS. plex will allow internal or the SD card to be used.

This seems broken as I want the SD card to be default for app installation and data as well as use it for plex content.

Using android 7 & latest version of plex from play store.


In Android you should be able to format the SD card as internal space, if you are not needing or wanting to remove the SD from the device


I can do but plex only sees the original internal storage (32gb) not the extended one (32+64) - even though the OS does


Try uninstalling the plex app formatting and reinstalling....I have a couple of devices set up this way and it works fine, tablets running android 7, Plex should only have an internal only option at that point...