Seagate Personal Cloud and Toshiba External



I have a Seagate Personal Cloud I want to use it for movies and I have a Toshiba External I want to hook up to it and use it for TV Shows. I have the Seagate and Toshiba connected and I see them on the Seagate. I how ever cannot get the Plex Server to recognize the Toshiba external drive. I would appreciate any help


is your file browser service running? and do you have the latest firmware updated? I have my seagate external hooked to USB 3 port and plex recognises it.


I have the 8tb 2-bay Personal Cloud, with 2 external Seagate HDDs connected,both the same,2TB. One in the USB 2 port and the other in the USB 3 port, but only 1 of the external drives are showing, and not both. Anyone else have this issue. Sorry for asking this here,searched all over Google and not finding any answers