Seagate Personal Cloud - Unclaimed server



Hi everyone,
Ive been a member for a while and not really needed to ask for help until now.

I have recently (about 1 month) changed to a Seagate Personal Cloud - yes I know its not good for transcoding but I don’t need it for that.
Anyway, I digress - up until this morning everything was fine and it was working as it should, all my TV’s etc could access my content.

However today when logging in to the Plex App via the Seagate device it takes me straight to my library but I’m not logged in, it is showing an unclaimed server in Settings - general

So I have now tried to log in and to click on claim server - neither works

Basically I am getting stuck in an endless Login loop - see image below

I also note that this - see image

click on that and it thinks about before bringing me straight back to the same screen.

Am I going nuts or something?

If I Log in via the Web it doesn’t show the server at all where yesterday it did.

I am pretty sure I haven’t changed anything since yesterday - so now I am asking you guys and girls if you’ve any idea?

Ive attached the logs in case that sheds any light.

I’m pretty PC literate and can normally work out what the hell is going on but today I’m getting frustrated with it.

Any help would be massively appreciated


Kind Regards



Sorry - just realises that I had Verbose logging enabled - attached is the log without that.



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First of all, do not use Edge to open Plex, there is a problem with the sign in process when using Edge (I have no idea what that problem is, but I believe the devs are aware of it). Try one of the other browsers such as FireFox or Chrome.

Secondly, you should be able to click on the Claim Server button and then Plex will sign you in, provided you are not using Edge that is. :)


trumpy81 - You sir are a genius - I never thought that the Browser would or could have been the issue.

Thank you muchly :)