Send the movie files from NAS (server) to macbook (server) for transcoding




Well i dident get any answer or tips in the last question but i got a new idea…
MY NAS (DS216play) is to week to transcoding, when i want to watch the movies over Plex on my PS4.

So… is it possible that my movies on the NAS DS216play (server lokal) could be trancoding on my macbook (server lokal)
and then go back to the NAS… PS4…TV?

The PS4 has a lot of power… why the console do not transcoding the files?
The funny thin is… when i take the normal PS4 Media Play i can watch the movies… but without the covers…

If that dosetn work with the macbook… witch device (client) i should have to make it run?
Apple TV… X.Box…?


To answer you question why PS4 can't transcode, because PS 4 is client and only server does the transcoding.
Simply disable server on NAS, map your NAS shares on your MacBook and let it server media for all your clients.